Concurrent Session Presentations

Our sincere thanks to all CUNY CUE 2014 presenters, and a special thanks to those who are kindly sharing their presentations for this archive. 

Advisement and Student Support Services
Freshmen Learning Academy: To the Classroom and Beyond – Alexandra Pyak, Michael Gillespie, Courtney Fusco (Borough of Manhattan Community College)
Achieving the Dream: Redesigning Academic Advising – Porter Brannon, Michael Rodriguez, Frantz Louis (LaGuardia Community College)
Assessing Five Years of In Gear at Baruch – Adam Joncich (John Jay College), Philip Hogue, Serena Abraham (Baruch College)
ePortfolios and Peer-Mentoring: Putting the Whole in Holistic – Mercedes del Rosario, Sada Jaman, Pablo Avila (LaGuardia Community College)

Bridging Cognitive and Affective Learning
Are We Learning English or Math? Creating Learning Opportunities across Institutional DivisionsMilena Cuellar, Cynthia Casey (LaGuardia Community College)
Pursuing Meaningful Learning – Jason Montgomery (New York City College of Technology)
Enhancing Students’ Internal and External Skill Sets – Les Gallo-Silver, Michael Weiner, Damien Pratt, Stanley Bussey (LaGuardia Community College)
Integrating Learning Domains: Productive Persistence and Academic Rigor in LaGuardia’s Bridge to College and Careers Program – Jason Guzman, Viktoriia Dudar, Christina Stang (LaGuardia Community College)
Connecting the Dots: Using Collaborative Learning Inside and Outside of the Classroom to Bridge Affective and Cognitive Learning in Gateway Math Courses – Marina Nechayeva (LaGuardia Community College)
Bringing Student Voices to Scholarship and Practices – Rosemary Talmadge, Lara Beaty, Tomoaki Imamichi (LaGuardia Community College)
A Cross CUNY Collaboration to Assess the Impact of Academic Service-Learning (SL) on Community College Students – Sharon Ellerton (Queensborough Community College), Sandy Figueroa (Hostos Community College), Peter Fiume (Kingsborough Community College), Debra Greenwood (Borough of Manhattan Community College)

Capstone Courses and Career Preparation
The Class as a “Micrography” of the Professional Space: Teamwork and Professional Portfolio Curation – Loukia Tsafoulia, Severino Alsonso (New York City College of Technology)
Undergraduate Research as a High Impact Practice: Integrating Research Into the Curriculum – Georgina Colalillo, Mercedes Franco, Nidhi Gadura (Queensborough Community College)
How Do We Prepare Our Students for the Future? The New Professionals Program and ePortfolio at Queens College – Rachel Stern-Lockerman, Denise Miller (Queens College)

Co-curricular Learning: Experiential and Service
Service Learning ReconsideredRegina Lehman, Kevin Jordan (LaGuardia Community College)
Client Relations: Media Production and Real World Experience with Service Learning – Eileen White, Mary Bandziukas (Queensborough Community College)
CUNY Service Corps: Learn to Serve. Serve to Learn. – Rachel Stephenson (CUNY Central Office), Noel Blanchet (John Jay College), and Kimberly Chu (Borough of Manhattan Community College) Planning to Educate the Whole Student at Queens College – James Stellar, Naveen Naqvi (Queens College)
Hostos Media Design Immersions: High-impact Learning through Cross-Cultural Work Exposure – Sarah Sandman, Catherine Cannon (Hostos Community College)
Understanding and Responding to Disruptive and or Disturbing Behavior In and Out of the Classroom – Regina Varin-Mignano, Renee Fuseyamore, Brian Goldstein, Toni Foy (LaGuardia Community College)
Academic Peer Instruction: Benefits to Its Tutors – Andi Toce, Svetoslav Zahariev, Joyce Zaritsky, Edward Bagley (LaGuardia Community College) Connecting the Study of Language and Business: The Luce World Pathways Heritage Language Scholars Program – Hector Fernandez, Tomonori Nagano, Angela Wu (LaGuardia Community College)
The Digital Poem Initiative – Severino Alfonso, Loukia Tsafoulia (New York City College of Technology)

Encouraging Transfer: Curricula and Support Services
Making Transfer Conenctions – Michelle Fraboni and Helen Johnson (Queens College), Brian Kerr and Anita Ferdenzi (Queenborough Community College), and Mercedes del Rosario, Michele Malone, Burcin Ogrenir, Judit Torok, and Howard Wach (LaGuardia Community College)
Supporting the “Whole Student” in a Team Teaching Environment for Foreign Trained Nurses – Magda Kieliszek, Kyaw Naing (LaGuardia Community College)

Faculty-Student Collaborations
Students’ Research Experience – A. Lucia Fuentes, Maria Entezari (LaGuardia Community College)
Innovative Strategies to Enhance Faculty-Student Collaborations & Integrate Undergraduate Research at Hunter College – Rachel Verni (Hunter College)
Expanding the World of BCC CLIP Students – Ellen Balleisen, Jason Davis (Bronx Community College)
Extending the Community of Learners at a Commuter College: City Tech’s OpenLab – Maura Smale, Jody Rosen, Jenna Spevack, Karen Goodlad, Jonas Reitz, Anna Matthews (New York City College of Technology)

First-Year Programming
Designing and Implementing the First Year Seminar for Business – Raj Bhika and Andrea Francis (LaGuardia Community College)
Reshaping a Summer Immersion ProgramLaurie Aguirre, Jennifer Sears, and A.E. Dreyfuss (New York City College of Technology)
Is the College Classroom the Best Place for Developmental Students to Learn? – Michael Reiner (Queenborough Community College)